Laura W.

Laura is an attractive, vibrant and confident woman who has made a career of personal assisting. Her bright green eyes shine with passion and intelligence and her confidence stems from her proven methodology for getting things done efficiently.

Laura grew up in Chicago, Illinois, where she gained a wealth of management and client service experience throughout her twelve years in the retail fashion industry. Laura has since made her home in the charming northwestern suburb of Woodstock, Illinois. Her passion for volunteerism and community involvement lead her to become director of an art gallery, after which she spent four years as an account planner for a graphic design firm. Within these roles she assumed a wide range of responsibilities including large-scale event planning along with the complete execution of rock concerts, staff management, PR, marketing, correspondence, trade show coordination, and making travel arrangements.

Laura loves ensuring that her clients’ needs are met effectively and efficiently. Her unique combination of abilities includes organization, foresight, wit, a knack for spatial configuration, negotiation, and great interpersonal skills. Her graceful manner and down-to-earth nature make her invaluable to a myriad of clients and situations. Laura’s extensive experience managing people and resources allows her to work with initiative, and largely unsupervised.

Photography by Robin Pendergrast


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